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Founded in 2012, SEIU Virginia 512 unites county and city employees in Fairfax Loudoun, Prince William and Richmond, and Home Care workers across Virginia. Our union believes that all working families deserve dignity, respect, family-sustaining pay, benefits, and a voice on the job.

SEIU Virginia 512 members advocate for good union jobs and justice for everyone in our community. We ensure that older adults and people with disabilities lead healthy and active lives as home care providers, nurses, and social workers. We keep our communities safe and clean, working as sanitation workers and building inspectors. We help children learn and play as child educators, librarians, community center workers, and park staff. We deliver the quality, cost-effective services that residents rely on.

We are over 4,000 members strong and growing every day. We benefit from the support and local expertise of our team, while also enjoying the resources provided by our strong SEIU network of over 2 million workers nationally. In 2021, SEIU members led the historic fight in Virginia for strong collective bargaining rights. Today, we're pushing for a seat at the table to strengthen our pay, benefits, and working conditions in legally binding contracts.

Click here for the SEIU Virginia 512 constitution and bylaws. Union members can set up appointments to review the union's finances, and how dues money is spent, by contacting Secretary-Treasurer Karen Conchar at

SEIU Virginia 512 Elected Leadership

Fairfax Chapter Executive Board

Loudoun Chapter Executive Board

Home Care Chapter Executive Board