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Richmond City

We provide the essential services that make Richmond strong. But too many of us are underpaid and overworked and are being left behind as our city becomes prosperous. We deserve better wages, benefits and working conditions so that we can take care of our own families and build a stronger Richmond.

Now Richmond city workers are joining together in a union—just as millions of city workers have done all across the country—to negotiate for higher pay and a real say in important decisions that impact their jobs.

That’s what it means to be in a union—the city HAS to negotiate with its employees over wages, benefits and working conditions and those wins are secured in a union contract.

Why Are People Who Work for the City of Richmond Forming a Union?

Richmond is growing and prospering but city workers have had no voice and have had to accept whatever the city decides when it comes to our raises, healthcare, scheduling, safety, overtime, staffing and overall working

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

That’s why we’re uniting as Richmond city workers to form our union with SEIU Virginia 512.

By coming together in a union, we can use our strength in numbers to:

To learn more, please contact the union by phone at 571-432-0209 or by e-mail at

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Richmond City