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Loudoun County

The Loudoun County Chapter of SEIU Virginia 512 was founded by county employees in 2010. We are Loudoun County workers -- nurses, social workers, mental health professionals, librarians, parks staff, maintenance workers, engineers, and more. Since our founding, we have achieved major victories for county workers through our collective action. Wins include raises, back pay, overtime qualification for previously exempt employees, a leave donation process, retirement protection, safer working conditions, ending unfair pay systems, and more.

We are united in our belief that investing in good jobs for workers leads to stronger communities. Loudoun members work hard to advance creative solutions and work with the county to deliver quality public services during difficult economic times. In March, we won the vote to become the representative for Loudoun County employees by 78%! Currently, we’re negotiating a meaningful contract that works for all workers through the process of collective bargaining. We strongly believe that all workers deserve a voice on the job, and the ability to bargain over pay, benefits, and working conditions.

To learn more about our Loudoun County Chapter, please contact the union by phone at 571-432-0209 or by e-mail at Our Loudoun County Constitution and Bylaws are linked here. Union members can set up appointments to review the union's finances, and how dues money is spent, by contacting Secretary-Treasurer Patti Nelson at

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Loudoun County