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Richmond bargaining updates

January 2024

98% Vote Yes, Richmond City Workers Win First Union Contract!

The Administration and Technical employees of the City of Richmond have officially won their first union contract. Workers from across the unit voted and 98% voted in favor of the tentative agreement with the city, officially ratifying the contract and securing major wins for workers. The contract becomes effective July 1, 2024.

View contract highlights.

Read about the victory in the Richmond Times-Dispatch.



SEIU Virginia 512

The SEIU Virginia 512 bargaining team has negotiated and reached a tentative agreement for what is to be considered the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) for the Administrative and Technical Unit for the City of Richmond

This is official notice for the members of the Administrative and Technical Bargaining Unit for the opportunity to vote on the proposed CBA

All employees who are employed in a job titled covered in the Administrative and Technical Unit in the City of Richmond would be covered under the proposed CBA

Before the Tentative Agreement can be approved and sent to the Richmond City Council for final approval and funding, the contract must be approved by the members of SEIU Virginia 512 who are in the Administrative and Technical Bargaining Unit

While all employees in the Administrative and Technical Unit will be covered by the contract (once approved), ONLY members of SEIU Virginia 512 are permitted to vote on the Tentative Agreement

To become a member click here or you may become a member of SEIU Virginia 512 at the Ratification Voting Sites.

Ratification voting will take place on January 18 and 19, 2024 from 8 am - 5 pm at the following locations:

  1. City Hall (Old Deli on the First Floor), 900 E Broad St, Richmond, VA 23219
    1/18/24 - 8am-5pm
    1/19/24 - 8am-5pm
  2. Social Service Building, 730 Broad St., Richmond, VA 23219
    1/18/24 - 8am-5pm, 7th Floor
    1/19/24 - 8am-5pm, 7th Floor
  3. Richmond Social Services Department -- 4100 Hull St., Richmond, VA 23224
    1/18/24 - 8am-5pm (Room E&F)
    1/19/24 - 8am - 10:30am (Room A,B & C) | 1:30pm - 5pm (Room A,B & C)

Exact proposed contract language will be available to members shortly.

Join us for membership meetings to discuss the tentative agreement on January 16 and 17. Locations and times are listed below:

Click here to view tentative agreement highlights

If you have any questions, please contact our union by phone at 571-432-0209 or email

Stay tuned for more information and updates….


SEIU Virginia 512 Richmond

December 2023

Press coverage from our "Fair Contract Now" Rally on November 28.

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November 28, 2023

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SEIU Virginia 512 Richmond Fair Contract Now Rally

November 2023

Over the last three months Richmond City employees, united in our union SEIU Virginia 512, have come to the table, ready and prepared to bargain. The City has not. We have presented proposals and solutions across the board to address the changes we need as employees, but there has been minimal movement towards an agreement.

The City has not taken our proposals seriously, and it's time to make them listen. Read the letter below to Mayor Stoney from the Bargaining Team and SEIU Virginia 512 President LaNoral Thomas. We are united and remain committed to winning real improvements on the job—not just for us, but for a better Richmond. Want to help us win a good contract? Click here to become a member today.

 letter below to Mayor Stoney from the Bargaining Team and SEIU Virginia 512 President LaNoral Thomas

 letter below to Mayor Stoney from the Bargaining Team and SEIU Virginia 512 President LaNoral Thomas

October 2023

As we are heading into the final stretch of bargaining, we’re asking our coworkers and city residents to stand with us during this negotiation period and to help us fight for a better Richmond for everyone. The time is now to turn up the heat, support Richmond city workers in our fight for a fair contract and quality public services, and show the city that we want a better Richmond for all. Together, we can send a strong message to the city council: A better Richmond is our priority.

Take action alongside your coworkers by sending a letter to Richmond City Council and the Mayor to call on them to support a fair contract for Richmond city workers.

Please share with your coworkers, friends, and on your social media. As always, thank you for your commitment in making your union as strong and powerful as it can be!

Early September 2023

Although our bargaining team has put together a strong proposal that will make Richmond a better place to work, the city hasn’t done its part to work with us to reach an agreement.

Last week, our bargaining team submitted a series of formal proposals to the city that together have the goals of addressing the issues of low pay and benefits that have led to issues with recruitment and retention, and the vacancies of city positions. We are committed to fighting for a fair contract with the vision of creating a good work environment within the City of Richmond, one that attracts individuals who are eager to join the city workforce and contribute to providing better services for all residents of Richmond. A better Richmond starts with SEIU and when our members are respected and paid, the City as a whole wins.

August 2023

Take action now!

Meet the members of the Richmond bargaining team:

SEIU Virginia 512 Richmond bargaining team