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Loudoun County Employees in the General Government Unit Win Their Union Election, Vote YES for SEIU Virginia 512

March 6, 2024

With 78% in favor, workers in the general government unit officially form their union and look forward to bargaining their first contract.

Today, after a four-week union election, Loudoun County employees with the general government bargaining unit voted to join SEIU Virginia 512 with 78 percent of voters choosing SEIU Virginia 512 as their representative.

“This is a dream come true, we made history today,” said Julius Reynolds, the Loudoun Chapter Chair of SEIU Virginia 512. “I’m excited that my fellow Loudoun County employees took this important step and I look forward to bargaining our first union contract where we can lock in the changes we need. Together, we will make Loudoun the best place to live and work.”

Following in the footsteps of the recent successes in Richmond, where workers won their union and then successfully bargained their contract, Loudoun employees are part of a growing wave of Virginia city and county employees who are winning their unions for the very first time. For far too long, Virginia government employees have been denied a voice at work — and now Loudoun County employees have changed that reality and look forward to what the future holds.

“I’m proud to see the collective voices of Loudoun County employees come through in this election, what an amazing accomplishment,” said LaNoral Thomas, President of SEIU Virginia 512. “They are now joining two million SEIU members across the country in the unrelenting pursuit of economic justice in this union. This is what worker power looks like. No matter your department or job title, this is a victory for all Loudoun employees.”

“During my many years as a Loudoun County employee, I always wondered what this day would feel like. Well, it feels good,” said Patti Nelson, Secretary-Treasurer of SEIU Virginia 512. “Our hard work and dedication paid off and now we get to work together to create a Loudoun County where everyone can thrive.”

Over 230,000 city and county employees around the country have already joined SEIU, across 17 states. These SEIU members have negotiated union contracts with their cities and counties to win higher pay, better healthcare benefits, and more control over their workloads.

Loudoun County employees are looking forward to beginning negotiations for a strong union contract with the Loudoun Board of Supervisors this year.