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Loudoun County Employees File for Historic Union Election

June 9, 2023

Loudoun County employees, united in SEIU Virginia 512, file for their union election. Energized by the overwhelming support from across the county, employees are ready for the next step and that is voting for their union in order to win real improvements in the workplace.

Today Loudoun County employees – joined in solidarity by leaders from the  Loudoun County Career Firefighters Association Local 3756 and the Loudoun Education Association – held a press conference to make the exciting announcement that given the overwhelming support from employees, they were able to file the petition, securing the next step towards a union election. An election date will be set by the Labor Relations Administrator in the near future.

This milestone would not have been possible without the hard work and dedication of so many County employees. However, this is not the final step. Employees are ready to vote for the union, fight for their first contact, and partner with Loudoun County leaders to improve services and workplace conditions.

To view a livestream of the press conference, please use this link.

To view pictures from the press conference, please use this link.

“Today is a great day in Loudoun County, both for its employees and the community we serve every day,” said Julius Reynolds, a Loudoun County employee and Chair of SEIU Virginia 512 - Loudoun. “We are more powerful together than we are alone. Together we won the collective bargaining ordinance, securing our right to negotiate. We did that. Together, we signed up our co-workers on union support cards. We did this together and we will win together.”

“As a leader in the Loudoun Chapter of SEIU Virginia 512, I am so excited that we are on the cusp of voting for our union and then securing our union contract. But we must recognize that filing for an election is only an initial step. When the time comes, we all need to vote yes for our union and make sure we can get to the bargaining table in a position of strength and unity. There is a growing movement in Virginia – from city workers in Richmond to Starbucks workers to everything in between – and workers are standing up and declaring that unions are for all. Loudoun is next,” said Stacey Fedewa, a Loudoun County employee with the Department of Planning and Zoning and a SEIU Virginia 512 member.