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Essential Loudoun County Workers and Community Members Rally for Collective Bargaining

October 12, 2021

Meaningful collective bargaining is how we can provide even better public services to the Loudoun community.

Dozens gathered outside the Loudoun County Government Center to stand in solidarity with essential Loudoun County union members in SEIU Virginia 512 as we rallied for a real seat at the table. Speakers from Virginia AFL-CIO, Loudoun Chapter NAACP, New Virginia Majority, Loudoun Education Association, NOVA Labor, IBEW Local 26, Network NOVA, UFCW Local 400, and the Catholic Labor Network all spoke in support of a strong collective bargaining ordinance that will allow county workers to strengthen their pay, benefits, working conditions, and the public services they provide to the entire community. Our rally was covered by Loudoun Times Mirror (Essential workers rally, push for supervisors to pass collective bargaining ordinance) and Loudoun Now (Unions Rally for Bargaining Rights at Loudoun Gov’t Center).

For decades, county workers have been fighting for a say in their wages, benefits, and working conditions. After years of tireless organizing and advocacy, and the end to the ban on collective bargaining on May 1, 2021, Loudoun County workers are close to joining the tens of millions of employees in 47 states who already have collective bargaining rights.

At our rally, union members and community supporters asserted that Loudoun can’t wait any longer for collective bargaining and urged the Board of Supervisors to collaborate with essential workers, make necessary final changes, and pass a meaningful ordinance quickly.

Julius Reynolds, a Loudoun County employee for 20+ years and Loudoun Chapter Chair of SEIU Virginia 512 led the rally:

“We are taking a stand and telling the Board of Supervisors that it is time for Loudoun County employees to have a seat at the table. [The final ordinance] must include the freedom to communicate about our union. It must also allow general county employees to bargain as one strong unit. Meaningful collective bargaining is how we can provide even better public services to the Loudoun community and win what we need to take care of our own families. It’s not just about improving our jobs, it’s about improving the services we provide to the community. It’s about the common good.”