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Grievance Assistance

A grievance action is a formal process where public sector employees may voice complaints concerning issues related to their employment with the county. We will conduct an intake meeting with you to gather information about your complaint. Our Member Services Team uses the following factors to determine whether we will be able to assist you, at each step, in a grievance action:

• Viability of resolving the complaint within the grievance process

• Alternative dispute resolution options

If the Member Services team decides that we are unable to assist you in any particular grievance action, based on the above criteria, you may proceed on your own behalf, or you may appeal the decision to the union’s executive board. Please note: If you are already being represented by an attorney or an alternate union or employee group, we will be unable to assist you, unfortunately. For more information about the grievance procedure, contact Member Services at For urgent inquiries, call 571-432-0209.